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Car Shipping in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is a state steeped in history, and over the years the state has taken on many different styles and forms. Car shipping in Massachusetts is as easy as it’s ever been, and perhaps even more so now that the state’s population is increasing. People want to live in Massachusetts, and that means shipping their car from wherever it is they’re moving from. Massachusetts is easy to transport to during the summer months, as availability is higher in the area but demand doesn’t rise a whole lot; during the winter, though, prices can actually get steep if it’s late into the season. If you’re trying to budget for car shipping services, make sure to take into account when you’re shipping too.

Military Auto Shipper

Are you a member of the armed services looking for a reputable and reliable military auto shipper? If so, there are a few things that you need to know about. For starters, most auto shipping companies will provide auto transport for military members; some may not, but 99% of companies you receive auto shipping quotes from will have some sort of military discount. Some will also have discounts for shipping multiple vehicles, so if you’re a military member with more than one vehicle you might be able to save some cash with a military and a multi-car discount. Be sure to do your homework, as some companies will treat military members better than others; this includes decreased expedited shipping costs for transferring military members that need an auto shipper last-minute, better discounts, and more. So take your time and pay attention to who you’re getting quotes from.

Direct Connect Automobile Transport

Direct Connect Automobile Transport is a leading provider of a term I recently read: “white glove auto transport.” In other words, Direct Connect can ship any vehicle, but their specialty is luxury vehicle moving, something that not a lot of companies out there can truly boast. It’s one thing to say that you can get an enclosed carrier for a vehicle, and quite another when you have the resources to find an enclosed carrier in a matter of days as opposed to weeks like most companies. White glove auto transport service is just that : handling everything with soft white gloves, protecting the vehicle as much as possible. That’s what Direct Connect Auto Transport does, and they do it well – so well, in fact, that in an industry where the average turnaround time for shippers is just three years, Direct Connect has done it for over twenty. How’s that for reliability?