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Car Shipping to or from Massachusetts

Are you looking for car shipping in Massachusetts? If you haven’t booked an order yet but you need car shipping services either in Massachusetts or somewhere else, you should probably talk to a car shipper that can actually give you some real customer support services as opposed to just making you call and hoping you can talk to someone – especially once your vehicle is on the truck and physically being transported. The link above will take you to a new customer service page that is taking the auto transport industry by storm – car shipping in Massachusetts, and indeed the rest of the country, is now one step closer to true ease.

What Car Transporters Need From You

Car transporters can typically handle just about any type of car you can think of, from the first ones that rolled off the Ford Motor Company’s assembly lines in 1908 to the modern, sleek-looking vehicles of today. But they need to know exactly what you’re shipping. Make sure you have the year, make and model of the vehicle handy when getting quotes, and make sure that you do a full inspection of your vehicle during both pickup and delivery, even if you’re vehicle is pristine going onto the truck. This is for insurance purposes, and if your vehicle is damaged the inspections you do will save you and your auto transport company a lot of time and hassle down the line.

Car Transporters – Direct Connect Auto

Direct Connect Auto Transport has access to thousands of car transporters across the country that can get your vehicle to or from anywhere in the United States and even internationally. They pride themselves on their customer service and provide 24/7 customer service for all their clients. This is something that many companies do not provide, but with twenty years experience in the auto transport industry Direct Connect has the tools, the experience and the contacts necessary to provide exemplary service to all their customers. They also provide GPS tracking on all their vehicles, which is definitely helpful if you’re shipping an expensive vehicle and worry about it.