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Experience is Key with Auto Transport Brokers

Finding an experienced auto transport broker can be difficult in today’s overcrowded car shipping industry. There are literally thousands of shippers out there, each vying for the privilege to ship your vehicle. But let’s face it, not all of them are reliable; there are plenty of scam artists out there that just want your money. But those that actually are in the industry to help people and ship cars know how shady the industry can be; that’s why you should read the interview linked above, as it is actually a pretty good read about the industry and what some of the better companies out there are doing to make sure they stay at the top. Not just that, but also, the interview sheds some more light on the industry and explains a bit about how it works, which is always helpful when you’re shipping a vehicle.

Car Shipping to or from Massachusetts

Are you looking for car shipping in Massachusetts? If you haven’t booked an order yet but you need car shipping services either in Massachusetts or somewhere else, you should probably talk to a car shipper that can actually give you some real customer support services as opposed to just making you call and hoping you can talk to someone – especially once your vehicle is on the truck and physically being transported. The link above will take you to a new customer service page that is taking the auto transport industry by storm – car shipping in Massachusetts, and indeed the rest of the country, is now one step closer to true ease.

Direct Connect Increases Online Presence

It’s no secret that Direct Connect Auto Transport has been working on expanding its online presence; recently, the company teamed with to promote their new instant quote calculator, which has been a real boon for customers on FossilCars to find auto shippers to transport their vehicles. The widget is designed to work with the database, and will provide a free rate quote for any vehicle sold on the site. It allows customers to obtain accurate auto transport quotes with minimal information, and also provides an outlet for customers to obtain more information regarding their quotes – as well as add additional information to fine-tune their quote – all from a single link. Their new instant quote feature is definitely a game-changer, that’s for sure.

Car Shipping in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is a state steeped in history, and over the years the state has taken on many different styles and forms. Car shipping in Massachusetts is as easy as it’s ever been, and perhaps even more so now that the state’s population is increasing. People want to live in Massachusetts, and that means shipping their car from wherever it is they’re moving from. Massachusetts is easy to transport to during the summer months, as availability is higher in the area but demand doesn’t rise a whole lot; during the winter, though, prices can actually get steep if it’s late into the season. If you’re trying to budget for car shipping services, make sure to take into account when you’re shipping too.

Military Auto Shipper

Are you a member of the armed services looking for a reputable and reliable military auto shipper? If so, there are a few things that you need to know about. For starters, most auto shipping companies will provide auto transport for military members; some may not, but 99% of companies you receive auto shipping quotes from will have some sort of military discount. Some will also have discounts for shipping multiple vehicles, so if you’re a military member with more than one vehicle you might be able to save some cash with a military and a multi-car discount. Be sure to do your homework, as some companies will treat military members better than others; this includes decreased expedited shipping costs for transferring military members that need an auto shipper last-minute, better discounts, and more. So take your time and pay attention to who you’re getting quotes from.

Direct Connect Automobile Transport

Direct Connect Automobile Transport is a leading provider of a term I recently read: “white glove auto transport.” In other words, Direct Connect can ship any vehicle, but their specialty is luxury vehicle moving, something that not a lot of companies out there can truly boast. It’s one thing to say that you can get an enclosed carrier for a vehicle, and quite another when you have the resources to find an enclosed carrier in a matter of days as opposed to weeks like most companies. White glove auto transport service is just that : handling everything with soft white gloves, protecting the vehicle as much as possible. That’s what Direct Connect Auto Transport does, and they do it well – so well, in fact, that in an industry where the average turnaround time for shippers is just three years, Direct Connect has done it for over twenty. How’s that for reliability?

Shipping Cars Through Chicago

Shipping cars through Chicago can be a real hassle if you don’t know what you’re doing, so here’s a few things you can do to make it super simple to get your vehicle through the Windy City. For starters, don’t ship to or from there in the winter months, unless it’s early – snow and other winter conditions can wreak havoc on auto transporters, and more often than not shippers just won’t move through snowy areas. This includes Chicago, so if you’re shipping during the winter try and keep it early and avoid the storms. However, even in the winter Chicago is a popular auto transport destination, so try and plan accordingly.

Vehicle Shipping During the Winter

When you’re looking for Auto Shipping & Transport services during the winter time, it can be difficult to find a company to haul your vehicle to where you need it to go. During the winter months the auto transport industry experiences a lull, where there are few customers and more trucks around, so it can be difficult to find the right truck going in your area, especially if you’re shipping from the northern half of the country. The northern U.S. is known for its hairy winters, especially near the Canadian border, so if you’re shipping down south for the winter you’ll want to get going on that early – late fall early. Winter can be a hard time to ship a car, so make sure you prepare yourself accordingly.

Security with Direct Connect

Direct Connect Auto Transport is a company that has ridden some of the most difficult waves in the auto transport industry. Though it’s still relatively un-regulated, the auto shipping industry has been around since the 1950’s and has seen its fair share of scam artists. Luckily, with a history and name like Direct Connect, you can ship with confidence. They’re from the “old school” way of running things, before the industry tanked, and they make sure that they do things right, fair, and for the best price they can give you. If you’ve been around the block looking for a good shipper, or even if it’s your first time shipping a car, you can’t go wrong with a company like Direct Connect Auto Transport.

International Car Transportation

While international car transportation is definitely available to you, finding it and finding it at a good price are two different matters entirely. Only a fraction of the companies that handle domestic auto transport will actually ship to other countries, mainly due to the vast amount of tariffs, paperwork and money that goes into each shipment. But it’s certainly doable. Most of the time auto transporters will simply transport your vehicle to a major U.S. port and then put your vehicle on a boat to ship across the country, though you should probably talk to your auto transporter about how exactly they ship. And don’t forget, most U.S. companies will only ship TO other countries, not FROM other countries.