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Vehicle Shipping During the Winter

When you’re looking for Auto Shipping & Transport services during the winter time, it can be difficult to find a company to haul your vehicle to where you need it to go. During the winter months the auto transport industry experiences a lull, where there are few customers and more trucks around, so it can be difficult to find the right truck going in your area, especially if you’re shipping from the northern half of the country. The northern U.S. is known for its hairy winters, especially near the Canadian border, so if you’re shipping down south for the winter you’ll want to get going on that early – late fall early. Winter can be a hard time to ship a car, so make sure you prepare yourself accordingly.

International Car Transportation

While international car transportation is definitely available to you, finding it and finding it at a good price are two different matters entirely. Only a fraction of the companies that handle domestic auto transport will actually ship to other countries, mainly due to the vast amount of tariffs, paperwork and money that goes into each shipment. But it’s certainly doable. Most of the time auto transporters will simply transport your vehicle to a major U.S. port and then put your vehicle on a boat to ship across the country, though you should probably talk to your auto transporter about how exactly they ship. And don’t forget, most U.S. companies will only ship TO other countries, not FROM other countries.

Winter Vehicle Shipping Tips

Are you looking to ship a vehicle in the winter months? Winter Vehicle Shipping is most definitely a seasonal industry, with the highest amount of vehicles being shipped in the summer months and the least amount during the winter months. Which makes sense, right? The weather in the winter is absolutely atrocious. But if you are looking to ship in the winter months, try and keep it as early into the season as possible, and if you can avoid high-snow areas like New England and the northern states like Michigan, Minnesota, and the Dakotas. Doing this will keep your costs lower and will probably provide for quicker pickup and delivery as well.

What to Expect: Vehicle Shipping Broker

Auto transport brokers abound in today’s service-based society; there are thousands out there, and each one provides a similar service yet they are still vastly different. For starters, you should gather as many quotes as possible from these shippers; getting an idea of the range that different companies are charging within is a good way to save some money while avoiding lowball companies that are looking to just take your money. Gathering multiple quotes can also get you an idea of how those different companies operate, which will help you get the best overall auto transport experience you can. So when you’re looking for auto shippers, make sure to get as many quotes as you can.

Auto Shipping with Direct Connect Auto

If you’re looking for auto shipping, you need look no further than Direct Connect Auto Transport. They are one of the best and highest-rated auto shippers in the United States and they provide auto transport services for a variety of different vehicles as well as a variety of different auto transporters to fit your every need. Whether you need enclosed transport because you’re shipping a vintage car, flatbed transport because you’re shipping a giant truck, or regular open transport for your daily driver, you’ll get it all with Direct Connect. They offer competitive pricing and affordable payment options for customers from all economic backgrounds, so you can rest assured you can get your vehicle moved with Direct Connect Auto.